AION price prediction: Can the deadcoin resurge?

AION price prediction: Can the deadcoin resurge?

For crypto enthusiasts around the world, a term called “Aion” has been something like a godfather of blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies in particular. While it seems that this name took off only with Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH), there are numerous other names for its predecessor including Aion Protocol, Aion USD, and many others. This article is going to look into what exactly Aion protocol does and how it works, how could they be revived again, how could it perform differently, why do people want $AT token on their platform, and some more questions about AION price prediction.

What Is Aion Token?

While anyone can buy or sell cryptocurrencies using an exchange, when you use decentralized apps, such as dapps, Web3, non-fungible tokens, or NFTs, then your transactions are recorded by these applications. In case anyone tries to spend money from one wallet address to another wallet address without permission and thus making it unrecoverable, then it's better to buy something rather than try to spend money on someone else's wallet directly. That's where non-fungible tokens come in. Non-fungible digital assets have properties such as rarity, transferability, fungibility, and interoperability among all of them. Since most users prefer buying items with a certain amount, then we know that it should be possible to purchase any item. Using virtual currencies is not illegal in most countries in which you live. However, if you keep holding onto your coins and expect to get back those funds soon, consider investing in altcoins instead (altcoins are just made from other types of digital assets). By storing funds in these kinds of stable coins, they act as money, so you can never lose them. Altcoins are very similar to fiat money. Therefore, you will find that they tend to be safer investments compared to regular cryptocurrencies and altcoins. If you are looking for ways to invest in decentralized infrastructure, then this is the best solution. There are several ways people buy items through decentralized applications while purchasing goods. To simplify, let's say you buy apples and you would like to sell the same apple to someone else. Once you buy the apple you will need to take out your debit/credit card number, after that, it will be available at no charge for anyone who wishes to buy it. Then, when you tell the person how much you want, he/she will be able to pay for the value you have demanded without even having to worry about losing his/her crypto. Now when you are ready to send the transaction, don't forget to add the payment method for future payments and your email address. Also, you might want to check that the transaction successfully completes so that the person could immediately receive the payment.

Aion Token Overview

As far as I know, Aion was launched with two main goals behind it - to provide users with financial freedom (freeing access to fiat currency and removing banking fees) and improve data transparency and efficiency (improving data accessibility). It also hopes to become the standard for smart contracts or decentralized finance in general. After years of development, Aion is now the largest open source project and one of the few projects that has achieved high levels of popularity. Its network runs side-by-side with thousands of other smart contract implementations, allowing developers to create new protocols. As part of the company’s vision for openness, Aion supports participation and collaboration among different communities worldwide. Thanks to its massive growth and popularity, Aion can be considered a large success story that helped build trust for both creators and developers.

At present, the current market cap of Aion tokens stands at approximately $24.7 million. Of course, one’s price is determined partly by supply and demand (people who own it for longer tend to demand it higher than new ones). At the moment, there are over 541,000,000 AION tokens in circulation and 1 billion AION tokens are currently staked.

Why Do People Want AT Tokens On Their Platform?

Unlike BTC or ETH, Aion is already used within the blockchain ecosystem. So, why would people want AT tokens? Well, here is one of my favorite stories of Aion history and why they are still worth looking at today. When OpenSea first started working on Dapp creation, users were free to choose whether they wanted to trade Aion USD directly or minted AT tokens. With time, more community supporters emerged and pushed for an easier way of creating Aion. Finally, OpenSea decided to integrate AT tokens with existing platforms (including Uniswap, Avalanche and Polygon Wallet to mention but a few). All of these methods allow users to freely create Aion AT tokens from anywhere in the globe. Not only do AT tokens help users to start trading on decentralized applications, this also creates a sense of security in the cryptocurrency space. Besides, Aion’s native token means more accessibility and visibility for everyone. Plus, it looks good on social media and official websites. This is because these AT tokens are created once every 4 weeks, so they will always be valuable and unique. Moreover, the coin holders will always have 3% ownership in the hands of the founders, with each AT token being backed 100%, meaning that whoever owns 10 AT tokens gets 3% of the total supply. Also, since everyone needs something to stake on Aion, they will always keep AT tokens safely so that they can earn interest and benefit from it later.

How Could They Be Revived Again?

As mentioned above, Aion can be revived from scratch, so it might take quite a long time for this dream to come true. Nevertheless, there are multiple plans in place to revive Aion. One of the primary reasons for revival is that unlike Bitcoin (BTC), Aion uses a proof-of-stake consensus mechanism. Proof-of-stake is similar to Tezos (XTZ), which also uses PoS. According to the original plan, if AT will ever return to traditional monetary models, then everyone will still have to participate in governance, voting, etc., which are both crucial processes in traditional systems and the key to unlocking the full potential of Aion. Another important issue for reviving Aion is bringing it back to scale. Some of the biggest problems in mainstream networks such as bitcoin have occurred after mass adoption. Although we’ve come a long way from BTC, the problem of scalability remains unsolved, especially on big chains. Furthermore, if Aion becomes popular again, then the block size limit may increase. However, things may change by building larger, faster versions of Aion. These solutions may require additional investment but in the long run, they might bring greater stability and convenience to users. In addition, scaling up solutions may lead to increased rewards for users and make the value of AT tokens more attractive. This process may be facilitated by launching AT tokens outside of the main chain. Still, it is essential to understand that although Aion’s recovery path is long, the team is confident that more and more users will eventually join its network. Moreover, due to constant communication between developers, we should learn from previous mistakes and move forward rapidly. We should make sure that Aion continues to develop in tandem with the crypto industry’s expansion. And yes, we’re talking about more competition outside of China in terms of mining power.

What Are Other Potential Solutions?

One of the most recent products that people talk about is Decentraland V2.0 which had released last year. Even though the launch was delayed because of Covid-19 spread, this product is set to continue until 2025. Due to this delay, I don’t believe that Aion price predictions are too far off to see the light at the end of 2019. Many think that since Decentraland is planning on releasing this update, then Aion price predictions are likely to continue falling. I disagree with this notion because investors may decide to wait for the improvements announced from the beginning of 2022. However, I agree that there are more interesting ideas in play if we really want to see Aion reach its goal someday. Here’s what they are:

1. Monetization of Space Mining Contracts.

Space mining entails supplying computing power on satellite locations to mine asteroids, planets, satellites, satellites, and other celestial bodies orbiting our planet. More specifically, users can rent or lease the services of machines or computers that mine asteroids, space debris, and other celestial objects. Currently, miners are taking advantage of the low cost of hardware while increasing their profits. However, companies offer subpar conditions. The average monthly space mining equipment costs more than 300$ whereas SpaceX charges 9000$, making the whole experience difficult. Therefore, space mining is inefficient and unsustainable for many. Additionally, it is unclear whether these businesses will still exist after the pandemic is over. Let's hope that more entrepreneurs enter this field. Unfortunately, the current situation shows that it is difficult to generate income from space mining, leaving room for optimism. 2. Real Estate Investment Trust (REIT) Program. Instead of renting a piece of land for a long time, real estate trusts (REITs) lend a portion of the proceeds generated by residential mortgages, helping homeowners save money. REITs operate as mortgage servicing firms where they lend money to homeowner. As the owner of this property, borrowers hold the principal while the bank lent them a percentage of the loan. Thus, borrowers can use these loans as they wish, whenever they want. Like I stated before, people can rent space on Earth. But they need somewhere to store it. That's where REITs come in. Investors can invest in RE